Bo Ra! Deborah 2023

Bo Ra! Deborah 2023

True To Love 2023

Bo Ra! Deborah EP 10

The series follows the romantic journey of Yeon Bo Ra, a celebrated love coach and successful author of romance novels, and Lee Soo Hyuk, a charming man who grapples with matters of the heart.

As a discerning publishing planner, Soo Hyuk is not easily impressed and initially has a negative impression of Bo Ra. However, their lives become entangled unexpectedly, and he becomes increasingly drawn to her.

Meanwhile, Han Sang Jin, Soo Hyuk’s friend and business associate, heads the Jinri book publishing company.

Native Title: 보라! 데보라
Also Known As: Yeonaeui Jinsimin Pyeon , Yeonaee Jinsimin Pyeon , 연애에 진심인 편 , I’m Serious About Dating , True To Love , 연애의 진심인 편
Director: Seo Min Jung, Lee Tae Gon
Screenwriter: Ah Kyung
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Drama: Bo Ra! Deborah
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 14
Aired: Apr 12, 2023 – May 25, 2023
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: ENA, TVING
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
Content Rating: +15

Free Download Bo Ra! Deborah 2023 :

Bo.Ra.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E1.mkv – 380.1 MB
Bo.Ra.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E2.mkv – 383.8 MB
Bo.Ra.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E3.mkv – 421.4 MB
Bo.Ra.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E4.mkv – 397.0 MB
Bora.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E5.mkv – 415.8 MB
Bora.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E6.mkv – 420.7 MB
Bora.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E7.mkv – 416.6 MB
Bora.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E8.mkv – 411.6 MB
Bora.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E11.mkv – 426.1 MB
Bora.Deborah.[Y2DL.PW]E12.mkv – 537.0 MB

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