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Download Ming Yue Ji Jun Xin 2023

Ming Yue Ji Jun Xin Episode 2023

Download Ming Yue Ji Jun Xin 2023 Chinese Drama

After a big war between Su and Ning, a marriage alliance is established, forcing Princess Ning Qian Xi of the defeated Ning nation to marry the Su general’s son Xiao Qi Feng. On the wedding day, a ghost in a green dress emerges, which leads to the discovery of a female skeleton in a well at the mansion.

The wedding gets postponed while the emperor orders Xiao Qi Feng to investigate the case. Su Qing joins the investigation, is Qi Feng’s childhood sweetheart, and he really wants to marry.

During the investigation, it becomes clear that not one but two parties had plans to assassinate the Queen of Su at the wedding. It also becomes clear that it all relates to a happening 20 years ago and even involves the emperor himself.

Native Title: 明月祭君心

Also Known As: The Bright Moon Worships Your Heart , Behind the Moon

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Supernatural

Drama: Ming Yue Ji Jun Xin

Country: China

Episodes: 22

Aired: Nov 9, 2022 – Nov 17, 2022

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Original Network: Mango TV

Duration: 10 min.

Ming Yue Ji Jun Xin Chinese Drama Download Link: – 172.6 MB – 148.0 MB – 135.1 MB – 153.4 MB – 156.1 MB – 111.7 MB – 137.7 MB – 139.6 MB – 144.2 MB – 133.0 MB – 124.8 MB – 138.6 MB – 140.9 MB – 136.0 MB – 133.6 MB – 134.7 MB – 115.3 MB – 127.3 MB – 119.7 MB – 118.1 MB – 120.7 MB – 127.5 MB

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