Download The Heavenly Idol 2023

Download The Heavenly Idol 2023

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Download The Heavenly Idol 2023 Korean Drama
Pontifex Lembrary is widely regarded as having the most powerful divine power ever. While he fights against a devil, he gets transferred to a different world. Pontifex Lembrary then finds himself in a small dormitory and possesses the body of Woo Yeon Woo, who is a member of the unpopular idol group Wild Animal.

The group has been together for 3 years, but they are on the verge of disbanding due to their lack of success. 9 hours later, Pontifex Lembrary is placed on a stage with Wild Animal for a live performance at a broadcasting station. When the music begins to play, Pontifex Lembrary, in Woo Yeon Woo’s body, shouts out, “I don’t know how to dance.” The live broadcast performance is a disaster, but it attracts the attention of people and the media.

With his charms, including a confident attitude, Woo Yeon Woo, still possessed by Pontifex Lembrary’s spirit, becomes popular, and so does his group Wild Animal. Pontifex Lembrary must now get used to life as a member of an idol group, and he faces various troubles, like dealing with weird religious groups and the devil.

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~~ Adapted from the web novel “Holy Idol” (성스러운 아이돌) by Sin Hwa Jin (신화진).

Title: The Heavenly Idol / Pontifex Rembrary

Other Title: 성스러운 아이돌

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Episode: 12

Aired: Feb 15, 2023 – Mar 23, 2023

Aired on: Wednesday, Thursday

Original Network: tvN

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