Hi Producer 2023

Hi Producer 2023

Hi Producer 2023

Hi Producer EP 10

The Forbidden City Culture Company’s CEO wanted to produce a palace-based variety program. Tao Tang, a young cultural expert, Liao Mu Yu, the renowned director, and seasoned host Wang Xi Ning were all brought on board to develop his vision. Once completed, the young director Yu Zai Zao arrived on the scene disrupting the team’s plans. Despite their initial displeasure, Yu Zai Zao won them over with her fresh and unique ideas. Newly inspired, the team solidified and worked diligently. The programme eventually bests its competition by promoting traditional culture to its appreciative audience.


Native Title: 正好遇见你
Also Known As: Morning the Imperial Palace , Good Morning, Forbidden City , Zheng Hao Yu Jian Ni , Chuan Cheng , Zao An, Gu Gong , Yi Qi Lai Chuan Cheng Ba , 传承 , 早安,故宫 , 早安故宫 , 一起来传承吧 , 正好遇見你
Director: Gao Han
Genres: Drama
Drama: Hi Producer
Country: China
Episodes: 35
Aired: May 20, 2023 – Jun 4, 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: +15

free download Hi Producer 2023 :

Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E1.mkv – 374.8 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E2.mkv – 323.4 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E3.mkv – 312.0 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E4.mkv – 324.9 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E5.mkv – 346.1 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E6.mkv – 335.1 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E7.mkv – 314.8 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E8.mkv – 311.3 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E9.mkv – 261.0 MB
Hi.Producer.[Y2DL.PW]E10.mkv – 308.6 MB

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