Murder Notes 2023

Murder Notes 2023

Murder Notes 2023 EP 12 [END]

A movie star and two business CEO’s died one after another in “S” city, and the causes of their deaths were very strange. What is even more bizarre is people report that a dark shadow appeared at the scene of these three murders. As a result, the S City Criminal Investigation Brigade quickly launched an investigation. Among the suspects are the richest female in S City, cynical rich second generations businessman, and some bastard at the bottom of society


Native Title: 刑侦笔记
Also Known As: Xing Zhen Bi Ji
Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Drama: Murder Notes
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Aired: May 30, 2023
Aired On: Tuesday
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: +13

free download Murder Notes 2023 :

Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E1.mkv – 332.7 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E2.mkv – 345.6 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E3.mkv – 337.4 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E4.mkv – 342.1 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E5.mkv – 372.9 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E6.mkv – 371.6 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E7.mkv – 398.1 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E8.mkv – 376.7 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E9.mkv – 407.1 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E10.mkv – 363.4 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E11.mkv – 343.1 MB
Murder.Notes.[SARVFILM.COM]E12.mkv – 361.1 MB

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