My 20th Twenty 2023

My 20th Twenty 2023

My 20th Twenty EP 10

So Won was born in 1981, so she should be in her forties now, but when she became twenty in 2000, she encountered a witch by chance. So Won was cursed by the witch because she turned down her favour. The curse was “to live as a twenty-year-old woman for the rest of her life.” At first, she thinks it will be a blessing but soon suffers from the pain of losing her beloved ones and making no progress.

One day, So Won happens to spot the witch in a photo, so she heads to the resort in the photo’s backdrop. To lift the curse, she sneaks in as a resort staff and meets Kang Hyun and Sang Wook there.


Native Title: 나의 X같은 스무살
Also Known As: My X Twenty , Seunaui Xgateunmusal , My X-Like 20
Genres: Music
Drama: My 20th Twenty
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 6
Aired: Apr 21, 2023 – ?
Aired On: Friday, Saturday
Duration: 15 min.
Content Rating:+15

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My.20th.Twenty.[Y2DL.PW]E1.mkv – 202.5 MB
My.20th.Twenty.[Y2DL.PW]E2.mkv – 191.1 MB
My.20th.Twenty.[Y2DL.PW]E3.mkv – 166.0 MB
My.20th.Twenty.[Y2DL.PW]E4.mkv – 149.9 MB
My.20th.Twenty.[Y2DL.PW]E5.mkv – 150.8 MB
My.20th.Twenty.[Y2DL.PW]E6.mkv – 148.1 MB
My.20th.Twenty.[Y2DL.PW]E9.mkv – 184.2 MB
My.20th.Twenty.[Y2DL.PW]E10.mkv – 223.7 MB

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