Provoke 2023

Provoke 2023

Provoke EP 25

Shanghai, early twentieth century. Jiang Ying a singer at a local club, begins to be linked with a local entertainment mogul, Du Jing Chuan. However, no one knows that the woman, faking her occupation, instead of loving raptures, wants to get closer to the man in order to take revenge on him for the harm done to her family.

In the process of carrying out her plan, Du Xun Yu, the son of her nemesis, stands in her way. A man, who was miraculously found two years ago after he disappeared. However, he also hides some secret, because the real Du Xun Yu has been dead for a long time, and the man only claims to be him. Soon, connected by a common enemy and goal, the pair join forces and begin to work together. What they don’t expect, however, is that in addition to revenge, they will also be connected by love. However, can two deceivers, now in disguise of stepmother and stepson, trust sincerity of it?

Native Title: 招惹
Also Known As: The Captive , Zhao Re
Director: Zeng Qing Jie
Genres: Thriller, Historical, Romance
Drama: Provoke
Country: China
Episodes: 25
Aired: Mar 30, 2023 – Apr 13, 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 15 min.
Content Rating: +15

Free Download Provoke 2023 :

Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E1.mkv – 186.0 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E2.mkv – 108.7 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E3.mkv – 104.2 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E4.mkv – 114.3 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E5.mkv – 130.4 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E6.mkv – 108.6 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E7.mkv – 104.6 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E8.mkv – 103.0 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E9.mkv – 110.5 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E10.mkv – 105.4 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E11.mkv – 159.5 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E12.mkv – 105.6 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E13.mkv – 100.5 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E14.mkv – 113.3 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E15.mkv – 109.9 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E16.mkv – 114.0 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E17.mkv – 114.1 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E18.mkv – 110.8 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E19.mkv – 122.3 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E20.mkv – 90.1 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E21.mkv – 118.9 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E22.mkv – 104.4 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E23.mkv – 116.5 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E24.mkv – 101.1 MB
Provoke.[Y2DL.PW]E25.mkv – 105.9 MB

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