Race 2023

Race 2023

Race EP 6

Office politics take center stage for marketer Park Yoon Jo, whose lack of an academic background won’t deter her dedication to her work, and the smart and just Ryu Jae Min, who lacks any expectations towards their company.


Native Title: 레이스
Also Known As: Reiseu
Director: Lee Dong Yoon
Screenwriter: Kim Roo Ri
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Drama: Race
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: May 10, 2023 – Jun 14, 2023
Aired On: Wednesday
Original Network: Hulu
Duration: 58 min.
Content Rating: +15


free download Race 2023 :

Race.[Y2DL.PW]E1.mkv – 403.7 MB
Race.[Y2DL.PW]E2.mkv – 421.3 MB
Race.[Y2DL.PW]E3.mkv – 356.6 MB
Race.[Y2DL.PW]E4.mkv – 376.4 MB
Race.[Y2DL.PW]E5.mkv – 375.9 MB
Race.[Y2DL.PW]E6.mkv – 384.2 MB

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